Vote Now – Vote and New Cards

We are looking forward to seeing members today down at the landing from 3-5pm.  To ensure we reach as many members as possible for today’s vote, we’ve added a capability to vote online for those that cannot make today’s meeting.

The gate will be upgraded at the conclusion of today’s meeting, so please ensure you have paid for the new card and you should be able to pick it up this afternoon.  Again, the old cards will not work after today’s meeting.  If you cannot make today’s meeting and still need to pick up your new card, we will send instructions on how to pick it up at your earliest convenience.

Vote: Today’s vote consists of 2 issues that were brought up during our Annual Oyster Roast.  First of which deals with increasing initiation fees for new members after today  and the second deals with increasing our liability coverage.  Please complete all fields and enter your information so we can ensure 1 vote per household and votes are counted from paid members.  Votes will be tallied at 330pm, so votes after 330pm will not be counted.