Rules & Regulations


  1. There is a one time membership fee of $775.  $500 (initiation fee), $25 (gate card fee), and $250 (annual dues) for the first year of membership.
  2. Membership is active as long as the membership fee and the current year’s dues have been paid. Memberships that have not paid their yearly dues by March 31st shall become an Inactive Membership. Membership shall return to Active Status when the current yearly dues are paid.
  3. Membership includes everyone who physically lives at the membership address, this includes the primary member and spouse, their children or others living at the address. Membership is available to Homeowners or Tenants (Renters) and is for residents of Cooper Estates ONLY.
  4. Membership is cancelled if the home is sold or rented or the current members move or do not live in the residence for a period of 6 months or longer. After membership is cancelled, a new membership fee will have to be paid to renew CECC membership.

Dues to keep CECC membership active are $250 per year

  1. Membership entitles members to use of the boat ramp, dock & pier, covered shelter area and PortaPotty, boat wash down and fish cleaning areas and parking at the boat landing.
  2. The Yearly Membership Fee covers the period of March 1st thru February 28th of the following year, Memberships will not be prorated.
  3. The Membership Fee is due on March 1st. Memberships not paid by March 31st will become inactive. Gate codes for cards or tags will be
    deactivated. Membership will be returned to active status when the current years dues are paid.
  4. Current Active Membership entitles the member to vehicular access to the landing using a card or tag. There is a nominal onetime fee that will be charged but will be good for the life of the card or tag.
  5. Guests must be accompanied by a C.E.C.C. Member. Access Cards cannot be loaned to non-members. Violators will lose their membership privileges for one year.

Boat Landing Pass Parking

  1. Due to limited parking space, please, no more than one vehicle per membership on weekends to allow space for all members. All tow vehicles must have a C.E.C.C. parking pass visibly displayed on their tow vehicle. Violators will be towed or booted. Tow vehicles must be registered to the member owner in the neighborhood.
  2. No Boats or vehicles are allowed to park over night.
  3. No go carts, ATVs, etc. allowed on C.E.C.C. Property. All vehicles must be registered with the DMV and have valid liability insurance.

Boat Ramp Use

  1. Have your boat ready to launch BEFORE backing trailer down and clear the ramp as soon as possible.
  2. Use the Make Ready Area to prepare for launching. This includes un-strapping, putting in the drain plug, etc.
  3. As soon as boat is launched from trailer, Please park vehicle & trailer BEFORE preparing your boat to get underway.
  4. When retrieving boat, pull boat & trailer clear of ramp before strapping down and lowering tops etc. for preparation for travel.
  5. Please ASK FOR or OFFER A HAND if there are difficulties in launching or retrieving a boat.

Floating Dock Use

  1. For Safety, Minor Children are not allowed on the Dock without Adult Supervision.
  2. No cleaning of fish, crabs, shrimp, etc. on dock. Please use the Fish Cleaning Table.
  3. Cleanup after fishing, crabbing, etc.. Allow boaters clear access to the dock. Boaters, please share the dock with non boating members!
  4. There shall be no boats tied up overnight per order of The SC Coastal Council.
  5. Max Mooring Time at Dock for All Weekends & Holidays is 20 Minutes Front Side, 1 ½ Hours Back Side.
  6. Max Mooring Time at Dock for Weekdays April 1st – Oct. 31st is 45 Minutes Front Side, 3 Hours Back Side.
    (When you need to moor for a longer time during these periods, anchor your boat to the side and tie a line to the dock.)

Boat Wash-Down Pad Use

  1. Please be considerate! Wash downs are limited to 10 minutes if someone is waiting on you. You can clean the trash & prepare BEFORE pulling onto the pad. After your wash down, if someone is waiting, pull off the pad and secure your boat. If no one is in line, take your time. While 10 minutes doesn’t sound like long, three boats are in front of the guy at the end of the line is a ½ hour wait!

Fish Cleaning Table Use

  1. After using the Fish Cleaning Table, Please turn off the water and throw any remains into the creek behind the table. Oyster shells are not permitted to be thrown into the creek. Please use approved DNR Oyster Shell Recycling sites.

Covered Shelter Use

  1. Reservations are not accepted for private events on New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day Weekend & Day, July 4th, Labor Day Weekend & day.
  2. Events scheduled MUST have a CECC Member who LIVES at the Membership Address AND that member must be present for the
    ENTIRE Event AND MUST be 21 years of age or older. (If alcohol is present at event, person must be 25 years or older).
  3. A $100.00 Check will be stapled to the Shelter Reservation Form as a security deposit. If all conditions on the reservation form were met
    (CECC’s Discretion), the security deposit check will not be cashed.
  4. There is no guarantee that the gate will be “locked open” for larger events. If the gate is locked open, it will opened one hour prior to the event and it will be closed two hours after the event begins. There must be a CECC Member present the entire time the gate is locked open.
  5. Because of limited parking at the land ing… There is a limit of a maximum of 20-30 guests (no more than 10-15 vehicles) at any shelter event on weekends (Sat. & Sun.) from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.
  6. No event cannot interfere with another members’ access to the landing. This includes maneuvering a member’s boat & trailer, launching their boat, parking and access to all areas of the landing except the shelter and fire pit area during the period the shelter is reserve.


  1. Mount Pleasant Police have jurisdiction over the CECC Boat Landing. We have given them full access to the gate and property.
    THE FOLLOWING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED: Vandalism, Drug Use, Possession or Consumption of Alcohol by Minors, Assault, Gross Intoxication and/or Disorderly Conduct, Vulgar or Profane Language, Theft of Bait, Bait Traps or ANY Personal Property, climbing on or over CECC Property including the Gate. ALL Local and State Laws MUST be Obeyed While on CECC Property.

Cancellation of Membership and/or Suspension of CECC Privileges

  1. Any Member not abiding by these Rules & Regulations will result in the cancellation of their membership or suspension of privileges and will be at the sole discretion of the C.E.C.C. Committee. It is the Member’s responsibility to make sure their guests also abide by these rules & regulations. There will be no full or partial refunds of membership fees or dues for any reason.