Shelter Reservations

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Shelter Reservation Information

  1. There is no cost to use and reserve the Shelter and Fire Pit Area…
    • You Cannot “Reserve the Boat Landing“…
    • You can ONLY reserve the shelter and fire pit area.
    • Only a current CECC member may reserve the use of the shelter… That member MUST be present during the duration of the event.


  2.  Your event CANNOT prevent access to or the use of the other amenities!
    (With large events, You MUST direct your guests with where they can and cannot park. Please try to leave the center parking area open for other CECC Members)

    Other CECC Members who have also paid their dues MUST HAVE…

    • Access to the Pier & Floating Dock.
    • Access to Porta-Potty.
    • Access to Wash Down Pad & Fish Cleaning Table.
    • Access to the boat ramp to launch & retrieve their boat.
    • Room to maneuver and park their vehicle & trailer.


  3. Friday – Sunday from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend…
    There are LIMITS on the number of people and vehicles for shelter reservation gatherings… Because of limited parking, there is a limit of…

10 to 15 Vehicles Maximum depending on other member usage.
Additional Guests may carpool or park on Cottingham Drive.
The Shelter Area can only accommodate events with a Maximum of 40 – 50 guests
during the weekends from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.

The Covered Shelter must be reserved for gatherings of 5 or more.

You must complete the online reservation request form 

*Your Reservation IS NOT confirmed or valid until the reservation form has been received, accepted and added to the calendar.