June 23rd Boat Ramp Meeting

Dear Members,

We are excited to have our two representatives from John Guerry Taylor and Associates (JGT) join us at  6 p.m. on June 23rd.  The date was changed from the 21st to the 23rd due to a scheduling conflict.  

If you recall from our previous email, the Civic Club contracted with JGT in December of 2021 to permit, design and bid the construction of the boat ramp repair or replacement.  The representatives will present in detail on our options to repair or replace the boat ramp and let us know where we currently stand. The JGT representatives will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the project.

The agenda for the meeting is in the email that was sent out.  You may also review the Boat Ramp email that was sent out a couple weeks ago for a quick refresh on what is currently happening before the meeting.

In order to provide more structure to the meeting we are asking for members to email any questions they currently have ahead of time to [email protected].  We will forward these to JGT to be sure they are answered.  If you have any questions that arise during the meeting, there will be a way to sign up to ask your question.  Please know this is intended not to limit what people can ask, but to allow everyone to have their questions heard and answered by the representative.

Following the meeting, be on the lookout for meeting minutes.  These will summarize everything that was discussed.  A vote will be held in person on July 8th at the landing to decide whether JGT will design and permit a ramp repair or replacement.  The time is TBD.

We are looking forward to a very informative meeting and hope to see everyone who can make it there!


CECC Board